Ep.1 – Vex

Today, we sat down with Vex to discuss his music and influences.

He taught us about his background as a foster child, run ins with the law and challenges faced by the people of Montreal. Vex is a positive voice for change in his community and a father of 3.

Vex is influenced by bands like The Beatles and Eminem. He enjoys rock and can also play country on the guitar. His musical style can be described as experimental, or conscious Hip Hop.

He is also fluent in French and uses his deft skills to overcome language barriers in his province.

Upcoming Releases:

Keep an eye out for Vex’s upcoming single Better Days, featuring Phat B.
Full solo album Blame it on the Lockdown coming soon.

Thanks for visiting! We look forward to sharing more Dazzlin Stage Music with y’all in the future.”

  • Dazmin D’leon & Sage Suede


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