Ep.3 – Paul Nixon

We chatted with Paul Nixon for this episode. Although his work is brimming with talent and powerful energy, Paul still manages to remain humble and down-to-earth.

He comes from Warrington, UK which is near Liverpool. Paul told us about his inspirations, including many artists that he learned to play on the guitar, such as The Beatles, Oasis and The Kinks.

Paul notes that he likes to create different moods through his tracks and lyrics. On Coming To Get You, he ideated a more primal & rough energy. On the other hand, his track Love is a Flower shows more sensitivity, while promoting a message of peace.

Paul told us about how he often performs acoustically, allowing for a more intimate fan experience. In the future, he would like to form a band for a louder rock presence on stage. On Love is a Flower, he brought in a cellist for a unique orchestral-style accompaniment.

Upcoming Releases:

Paul is planning to return to the studio soon, as soon as social distancing requirements are relaxed. He has a lot of great ideas for new songs and can’t wait to share them with everyone!

Thanks for visiting us! We had fun talking to Paul and are excited to bring you more new music.

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