Ep.5 – JCGotItBumpin

We had the pleasure of talking with JCGotItBumpin today. He is his own producer and develops soulful hip hop music.

JC (real name Jack), comes from Ventura, CA in The United States. JC told us about his inspirations, including 90s soul music and artists like J Cole and Drake.

JCGotItBumpin has a lot of chill beats that fit the mood for joy riding. We can imagine his style in video games that feature racing or in-game radio.

On Snitches, JCGotItBumpin creates a mysterious flex with classic funk sounds and staccato keyboards. The ethereal waves fall smoothly over rolling basslines. Another new track by JC is A New Day, which features a more romantic sound that would be good for a picnic in the park.

Upcoming Releases:

JCGotItBumpin is in the studio working on new tracks. He is open to new collaborators that enjoy his style and classic 90s soul music. We are excited to hear how he develops his vibes over time.

We’re glad that you’re here!

Look forward to sharing new music with you.

  • Dazmin D’leon & Sage Suede


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