Ep.10 – Richy Rich

Richy Rich is a hip hop & reggaeton artist from Virginia, USA.
He writes music in English and Spanish, with heavy bass and chill beats.

He visited with us today to discuss his musical process and style.


Richy Rich was influenced by artists like Tory Lanez. Richy has gotten skilled with mixing and mastering of his songs, through years of practice.

He also helps other artists with production work. Richy has a global perspective on music and likes to learn about other cultures.

Upcoming Releases:

Richy recently made a few tracks with Lil B, The BasedGod. This year Richy Rich has released 2 solo albums- Organic 2.0 and Hidden Gems. He has a lot of great new music and collabs coming soon.

Great to meet cool artists like Richy. Hope y’all are enjoying the podcast.”

  • Dazmin D’leon & Sage Suede


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