Ep.8 – Brique

Brique is a fun experimental pop rock group from California, USA.
Their current lineup consists of 3 chill musicians:

Keith Kelly– guitar
Sam Gerber– keyboard, bass
Brandon Yowakim– songwriter & vocalist

They spoke with us on our podcast to share more about their songwriting approach and influences.

Brique is talented at tastefully combining genres, citing elements of Gospel, Hip-Hop, Grunge and Rock on their debut album.

Many of these influences are featured on the cover of the album, so the listener can visualize the style.

Upcoming Releases:

After releasing their diverse self-named album, Brique has already returned to the studio.
We can’t wait to hear their new tracks!

Happy to share new music with you.

Let us know how you feel in the comments.”

  • Dazmin D’leon & Sage Suede


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