Ep.6 – Anthony Hale

Today, we caught up with hip hop artist Anthony Hale.
Anthony is from Biloxi, Mississippi. He recently moved back from Georgia, after hurricane flooding affected his hometown.

He has been writing since he was a teenager, when he used to carry around a black composition journal.

Anthony Hale likes to be open and fun in his music. Some of his friends would describe him as crazy, because he is the life of the party and speaks his mind.
We discussed his creative process and secret meanings behind tracks on his new album Rebel. For instance, he picked the title because his dad describes him as rebellious.

Upcoming Releases:

Anthony gave us the DL on recording B.A.G. in a Louisiana art museum and on his upcoming music video release for Where I Wanna Be.
We look forward to seeing more of his exciting, high energy productions!

It’s cool to meet exciting new artists on our show.

Can’t wait to bring you more good digs.”

  • Dazmin D’leon & Sage Suede


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